I Don’t Want Your Love (for Violin, Cello, Bass, and Piano) [Sheet Music]


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you. 

Composer: Marcus Norris

Year: 2021

Instrumentation:  piano, violin, cello, and contrabass

Duration: 5 minutes


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you. 

About the Work:

I Don’t Want Your Love  was commissioned in 2021 by the University of South Carolina School of Music as part of their Southern Exposure new music series, Funded by the university’s “Racial Justice and Equity Fund.” The theme of the project was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with an emphasis on how it impacted underrepresented communities.

During one stage of the pandemic, I was particularly fascinated by the widespread performative allyship exhibited in response to social justice movements happening in the country. Politicians, organizations, and even some of the world’s largest corporations posed, posted, and performed. “I Don’t Want Your Love”  is a musical reflection on these observations.

  • Marcus Norris

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