The Thinker (for Soprano and Piano) [Sheet Music]


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you. 

Composer: Marcus Norris

Year: 2020

Instrumentation: Piano & Soprano

Duration: 5 minutes


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you.

*Note*: This piece has a few measures for an improvised piano solo.


Verse 1
I think I think too much,
I think I always have.
You think that you can save me,
I think you’re too late for that.
I think there are no soulmates,
I think we make those up.
You think I’ve made you crazy,
but I think they call that love…

And I think… You’re beautiful
And you think.. But you should know.
That I’ll do right… by you
Why aren’t I.. Right by you?
Who cares, what I think?
Do you care, what I think lover?
.. What I think…

Verse 2
I think the most at night time
You think I never sleep
I think you called me out once
and I said ‘You think you know me.”
I think there is no fate
You like to think I’m wrong.
I think we make our own lives,
So it means more you came along

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