You Haven’t Said a Word (for Cello Quartet) [Sheet Music]


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you. 

Composer: Marcus Norris

Year: 2016

Instrumentation: cello quartet

Duration: 6 minutes


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you. 

About the Work: 

You Haven’t Said a Word is an approximately 6-minute piece
composed for four cellists. This piece is an attempt to write music that
reflects moments of intense stress in relationships, specifically instances in
which neither person voices their emotions. I aimed to musically represent
this unspoken tension, as well as its eventual resolution. The music does
not follow any specific story, and the work is not programmatic, but I
aim for the tension and resolution to be apparent to the listener. The
title influenced the composition of the piece, with the material at the
beginning sounding very static, dissonant, and slow evolving. This music
metaphorically mimics the unspoken tension previously mentioned. I do
not anticipate listeners being able to hear the relationships directly, but I
aim for the title to be suggestive, setting the tone or mood for the
listening experience.

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