Miss Me (for Bassoon and Piano) [Sheet Music]


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you. 

Composer: Marcus Norris

Year: 2021

Instrumentation: Bassoon and Piano

Duration: 4 minutes


Physical copy of the sheet music mailed to you. 

About the Work:

“Miss Me when I’m gone.
Miss Me with the bull shit.
Miss me, now you gotta kiss me.”

In Miss Me I attempted to explore some of the complicated and often contradictory
feelings of longing I was experiencing in 2021. At the same time, I challenged myself to be as
vulnerable as I could in doing so. Although these feelings may have been heightened by a
global pandemic, there’s nothing new under the sun, and I think these are timeless and
relatable emotions everyone goes through. In the same way the title takes on different
meanings when presented in the different contexts of the accompanying poem, the recurring
musical material and pitches take on different meanings when heard in different contexts
during the piece.
Miss Me was commissioned by and dedicated to Joy Guidry.

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