Outchea (for viola and piano) [Sheet Music]


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Composer: Marcus Norris

Year: 2013

Instrumentation: piano and viola

Duration: 3.5 minutes


About the Work: “Outchea” was one of the first pieces I ever wrote. I was maybe 21 or so. Part of the reason I chose the title was because I thought it would be funny to hear my older white professors pronounce it. Even though I wrote this early in my artistic practice, before I would have even called it an artistic practice, looking back now I think a lot of the elements of my compositional voice were already apparent.

– Marcus Norris

The cover art was adapted from photos by woodleywonderworks, Andrew Fogg, David DeHetre, Fabio Marini, Bob Vonderau, Nomad Tales, and pizzodisevo 1937.

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