Jackson Symphony Orchestra Commissions Marcus Norris to Compose First Violin Concerto

from an article published by the Jackson Citizen Patriot

Marcus Norris paces the floor. He knows he probably looks crazy, but it’s part of the creative process.

Norris, a 2009 Jackson High School graduate, is a music composer and producer. His creative process is mostly in his head, imagining the sounds and how it makes him feel.

Norris was commissioned by the Jackson Symphony Orchestra to compose his first violin concerto, which is a piece performed by a soloist accompanied by an orchestra.

The piece, titled “GLORY,” is being performed as part of the symphony’s Beethoven’s First Piano Concerto March 22-24 at Weatherwax Hall, 215 W. Michigan Ave.

Norris commissioned artist Jaleel Campbell to paint the GLORY cover artwork.

“I like to capture the feelings and experiences instead of telling a literal story,” he said. “‘GLORY’ follows the protagonist, which is the violin. You can feel the heartbreaks, triumphs and anger musically.”

There isn’t an exact plot to the piece, but the audience will experience feelings they can assign to their own life experiences, Norris said.

All of his pieces are inspired by conversations, he said. “GLORY” came from a discussion with a friend about disadvantaged upbringings, and how hard a person has to work to make up for starting with nothing.

Despite being more comfortable than before, he and his friend are also are working harder than ever, Norris said.

“We realized it’s something that gets in you and it becomes personal,” Norris said. “You always want more — not necessarily money or attention, but you want to be the best. You want to have [the] GLORY.”

Learn more about Marcus and his music at his website, www.MarcusNorris.com

[words via Brianne Twiddy at the Jackson Citizen Patriot, published on mlive.]


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