Tink – Time (Story Behind the Song)

I met this very talented up and coming Chicago singer and rapper named Tink. DJ L, a mutual friend, introduced us back on October 4th, 2013. We started a couple songs, the best we called “Time”.

Here’s a short clip.

With me having school and her being busy, we didn’t link back up til December 15th. When I got over there I found out that her and her manager were already done with the new mixtape, they were just waiting for my song. I had to hurry up and write the rest of the song on the spot, we recorded the vocals right then, then I had to finish the track over the next few days to send to the mixing engineer.

Marcus Norris and Tink In the studio
The song is getting mixed now, I think that it’s going to be a hit. I got my friends Danny Wells and Neil Eby to play Bass and Guitar. It all came together nicely.
Winter’s Diary 2 drops January 10th, 2014. Stay tuned!
winters diary 2 album cover
Also Tink did an interview with GhostZoneMedia where she shouted me out.
GZM: Features & Productions?
Tink: I didn’t really have alot of features on the project just because the sound isn’t typical. It’s almost soulful. I didn’t want to take away from that. But I wanna s/o producers Tim Keller and Marcus Norris. They had a heavy influence on the tape.
Read the whole thing here.
EDIT (3/7/2015): Today my google alerts made me aware of this article. It’s super old lol. Tink shouted me out in another interview pre-WD2.
What kind of things do you have planned for the next couple of months?
I have Winter’s Diary 2 dropping in December, which is gonna be like, fully R&B. It’s coming along great. I’ve been working with Marcus Norris, he actually plays piano with a live band so it’s going to sound really, really nice.
Read the full bullet media article here.

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